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Fit Together Canicross is a small business in Kent.  Canicross is a fun and fast growing sport in the UK. Originally from the colder climates of Europe, the sport developed as a way of keeping sledding dogs fit in the summer.

We in the UK now have taken on the sport as our own, and a growing numbers of participants are reaping the benefits of running with their dogs.

All abilities of owner can take part, you do not need any previous running or fitness experience to get involved. Your dog needs to be over 12 months old, to ensure their growth plates are fully formed and not being stressed too much.

Owners and their dogs need some kit, but we can help you with that, giving you some to try and pointing you in the right direction of the best place to purchase economical kit that is suitable for you and your pet. The owner wears a waist belt, with a bungee line connecting you to your dog, who wears a harness. The dog ‘pulls’ the owner and the bungee line stops any tension between you and the dog. The dog will lead the way, and be attached to you the whole time.

Running with your dog in this way gives several benefits. Firstly, you and your dog get fitter, together. You bond with your dog, learning to work with each other (there are specific commands that you will learn to be able to control and encourage your dog), and your dog learns to socialise with others around them. Dogs love to run together!, you will be amazed at how your pet will respond to others around them and pull you along with the pack! Finally, your dog will exercise not only their body, but their brain, as they focus on the commands you will give them and respond to your instruction.

Taster sessions are available, as well as group Classes and 1-1 instruction.

Due to the nature of Canicross - participation in classes, courses and social runs are entirely at your own risk and by doing so you accept full responsibility for the health, safety and actions of yourself and my dog/dogs.  Fit Together Canicross cannot be held liable for any injury illness or accident which occurs as a result of attendance, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. 

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