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Here is everything you need to know before you come along to one of our canicross classes with your NEW running buddy – one that will NEVER let you down.

Firstly what should you wear?

Running attire – Leggings or shorts, a loose top and most importantly a pair of trainers preferably trail shoes with some grip on the soles although any trainers will suffice for the first class till you fall in love with it!


Feeding your dog?

We run classes at various times of the day usually in the mornings when you would mostly like feed you dog – so our advice would be NOT to feed 90mins before or after a class to avoid bloat.


When is the best time to arrive to class?

If it is your first time and you are brand new to the sport allow 10-15 minutes before the start time so you can be fitted with the specialised canicross equipment and fill out our PARQ to ensure your and your dog are in good health and able to take part in physical activity.


Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

We advise everyone to bring water for your dog and yourself to have after class or during if it is warmer weather and also to rinse off muddy paws on wet runs. A towel to dry your dog if it rains and maybe a spare pair of trainers/shoes for after class if again it is a wet muddy run.


How long will the class last, how much running is there and how fit do I need to be?

All classes are 60mins which includes; a 10minute walking warm up stop start jogging running for 40mins with rest breaks to keep everyone together and 10minute cool down walk and stretch. All our classes are mixed ability unless stated and no real level of fitness is needed just a desire to try and with a little help from your four-legged buddy you won’t even know you are exercising!

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