Canicross is now a sport in it's own right and is growing in popularity across the UK  

Canicross is a sport that developed in Northern Europe, as a way that sled dogs could be exercised in the summer months.  There are various dog sports that involve using equipment, Sledding, Skjor (ski-ing) Bikejor (mountain biking).

Canicross (Cross Country Running with Dogs) is the sport that needs the least equipment, but gives undoubtedly the best connection with your dog.

What do I need


You wear a waist belt (based on a climbing harness) and your dog wears a harness - there are various types available.  Between you is a bungee line, which takes the start force from the line ensuring that you are not jerked forward by the strength of the dog.  Trail shoes are recommended, but apart from these few things, nothing else is required, just a sense of adventure and a passion for fun!


We recommend that your four legged friend is a year old before they start to Canicross.  This ensures their bones and joints are fully formed.    

What happens next ?


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